Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Intake for students

 New student Mandy checking her product kit.
When comes to checking on the products everyone is happy as its definitely worth the money!

Why we are different.
We are all qualified instructors of ONS nail courses and we all are part in an ongoing programme of instructor development.  This means that we are constantly updating our teaching skills and learning the latest methods to ensure your learning success.
You do not have to worry about the crowd! In our small class of maximum 10 students to 2 nail awarded winner Instructors, you can comfortably progress at your own pace. Less stress, more relaxing learning experience.
Our classes are more personal.  you will see the same instructors throughout your training.  Compare that to other schools that may have up to 18 students and several different instructors. 

We address to the individual’s specific issues or needs, hence lessons are very efficient and cost effective.

We Provide the perfect student kit and we believe this is one of the most important keys to a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience. Our student kit includes a full range of ONS tools and products available for your usage throughout the course. All items are made in USA and are included in the course fees so there are no additional hidden charges.

We treat you like a person, and not like a number. We answer all your questions ourselves as you will never talk to a administration staff.

Lastly, we do not hard sell products.

If you still have other enquiries or would like to come down to have a feel of the learning environment with no obligations,  pls contact me (Jess Puan) @ 96908083 or email

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Intake for students

Learn how to build your nail career with us!
We offer the best teaching for you for all levels from beginners to proficiency and have a reputation for results, excellence and professionalism with students coming back to our courses time after time . By enrolling with Jnail Studio, you will enjoy the benefits of one to one coaching, the most up-to-date, innovative teaching methods, as well as equipped with full sets of high quality student kit.

You will get to learn from basic-Manicure/Pedicure to advance-
Nail Enhancements including nail art design.
Hurry! Seats are limited! Call us at 96908083 or email us at to register today!
 Passing the products kits to students.

 Geting ready to open up! So excited to see inside.

Student Charmaine

 Student SaSha

 Checking on the products now! Get ready!

Here goes all the products.
 Doing some IGel demo

Class ended with a big smile.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey! Don’t forget to register for our classes. It’s loads of fun and you’ll learn valuable skills to impress your friends and family!

Anyone who is interested to join us for this class, give us a call 96908083

ONS Professional Full Nail Course Singapore

Most of us agree that learning in a small group is easier, more enjoyable, and less time consuming than in a large class. Unfortunately, due to budgets, space, or lack of teachers, many Nail Academies only offer large classes which may consist of up to 20 or more students. While the class may look more like a lecture room, the educators' job however is not to lecture. Whereas in learning within a small student to educator ratio, students are more able to keep up with their interest and focus with the goal of improving their technical skills as there are more engagement with the educators. Let me share my past experiences from some of the the large nail academies I attended in both Singapore and overseas.

"Sometimes I'm afraid to ask too much questions in the class because of the large number of students (12-18). What if i asked silly questions? Will the others laugh at me? 

"There are often many distractions  in large classes, such as latecomers and people chatting while you are learning."

"In some academies the product which the school provides are without any labels, whereas instructors themselves are using branded products to conduct classes their. Questions are, why are the educators using different products from their students? Are the student kit more inferior and are they safe to use in the long run?"

From these past experiences I have gathered the key points for conducting effective teaching methods in J Nail Studio. Classes will have a low ratio of maximum 3 students to 1 educator per session, and training kit provided for students are definitely the same as to those I'm using personally. Students who are working or studying in the day have the freedom to plan their own timetable according to their schedules.

Our aim is to provide an engaging, high interaction and efficient learning environment.

WHY Choose Odyssey Nail System Education?

Odyssey Nail System offers wide range of products for salon, nail academy and competition arena. ONS has the best product for competition in fact, created by world Champion Mr. Trang Nguyen. With our training departments all over South East Asia, (Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Australia and New Zealand) We train you to get ready for competition regardless you are professional or novice.

ONS International Examination will be held twice a year in Singapore/Malaysia, judged by international educators according to ONS international standards.




Professional nail technicians who have graduated from a recognized professional nail course or with at least 1 year experience in nail enhancements can enroll in this fast-track program towards becoming an ONS Ambassador.

Upon completion of the 8 certificates you will receive an elegant ONS Ambassador Certificate, VIP Ambassador Discount on ONS Products and all ONS Classes organized by ONS South East Asia and invitation to our Annual Training Event and Award Presentation Party. You will be able to print your Ambassador status on yor business card and you will also be listed on our website as an ONS Ambassador. An ONS Ambassador can qualify for the ONS Instructor Training as a future career path.


The next level up from 'Ambassador' is ONS Instructor. To accomplish this status you will be required to attend the Annual Instructor Training, organized by ONS South East Asia. In this training, you will be required to sit an assessment on both written and practical evaluation. The fees for Instructor Training will includes an Education Kit and Instructor Training Manual. As an ONS Instructor you are entitled to further benefits for product discounts, commission on sales and earning additional income by being able to deliver classes.


Once you have been an Instructor for a period of 2 years, less if you are an exception (dedicated, efficient, loyal, professional, talented, etc.) you may be invited to attend our Annual Global Educator Training held in Korea at the start of every year. ONS proudly covers your training (2 days), accommodation, meals and airport transfers for this event for every educator nominated across the world. At the completion of this event you are presented a beautiful Educator plaque and ONS Swarovski Crystal Logo uniform recognizing your status during an Award Ceremony.

As an ONS Educator, you will be able to conduct the international ONS examination and issue/sign the Ambassador class certificates. You will receive even further discounts benefits, media exposure, overseas assignments & classes, and invitation to free training for new product launch.


Odyssey Nail Systems Educators are a TEAM and are to be courteous and thoughtful at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct is strictly unacceptable. We are all on the same team, we all win when we support each other!

Odyssey Nail Systems Educators know our products, keep up on the industry news in and around the world and most importantly have experienced different techniques from 5 continents and are aware that "Nail Art" varies from country to country due to the different cultures and nationalities.

Odyssey Nail Systems Educators remember that they are leaders in our industry and must always set an example. They are always on stage and act professionally, representing themselves and Odyssey Nail Systems. Always practicing, aiming to make the next nail better than the last. We at Odyssey promise to support our Educators to the best of our ability.

You are our customers, friends and future educators. We will meet in Odyssey Nail Systems classes and workshops, trade shows, and events year after year. We want to build a strong marketing base for Odyssey Nail Systems education and your business.

Within Odyssey Nail Systems you have a supportive team to work alongside utilizing the Odyssey Nail Systems brand and our education program. As always we welcome you as a member of our family.

We at Odyssey Nail Systems will apply the highest standard of excellence by meeting your expectations, and creating a product that will bring exceptional results to our Nail Industry. In addition, our intent is to make our clients proud with up-to-date Nail Technology. We believe that education is the key to any successful product. Without education even the best product is doomed to fail.

It is the necessary blend of good education, thorough product knowledge, creativity, commitment and passion that ensures that together we can grow our industry to new heights.

We at ONS will ENDEAVOR to provide you with the most up to date product knowledge, technical and educational skills required for ANY challenging task and to inspire you to achieve your maximum potential and attain unbelievable heights of creativity.

As members of the Odyssey team of Educators, we share the goal with Odyssey Nail Systems to increase and develop nail technology. Our focus is to raise the standard of the nail industry with professionalism and enthusiasm. Our goal is to present and use Odyssey products to the highest expectation and share with you without any limitations thru our exclusive distribution network with a willingness to keep you informed of proper application techniques, terminology, product knowledge and increasing product awareness.

We are challenged as Odyssey Competition Team Members to keep our skills up-to-date. 

Our team has been ranked #1 in the USA for the last 3 years, but that is not what makes us most proud. What makes us proud is to be able to work along side you, the nail technician, so we can all be successful as a team! We are all on the same team, when we support each other we all win!

And we want to win it with you.

Find our more information of J Nail Studio and ONS Courses here

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