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Suited for Home-base  
*Most Popular Nail Course @ J Nail Studio*

Suitable for Opening Nail Salon (Shop)

All courses are personally taught by certified and nail awards winner Jess Puan, we do not hire any employees to conduct our courses unlike other academies. This is to ensure all students achieve the same high level of skills as required.

During lessons, we allow our students to practice and demonstrate their skills on the hands of their own models, whom they can bring along to practice on. This is to provide them with the confidence they need when handling a real client after they graduate, as well as make practice more efficient as they don't have to act as models for other students to practice on. Students are also encouraged to take videos during the lessons to aid their own practices after lessons.

We provide students with course kit which are QUALITY products from USA, Canada and Japan. It includes the entire product range from tools, brushes, mani, pedi, spa, soak off gel, bag, table towel and LED Gel Lamp. No hidden and extra charges are required from additional purchase throughout the course. Products and tools provided are exactly the same as what the instructors are using, as we detest the idea of hard selling products to our students.

Our one to one classes move at a pace decided by the students and their needs rather than an institution’s course/term structure. There is also flexibility in the length of classes, which can be timed around learning aims rather than a timetable. Very often students may feel less pressure because there no others in the class.

Advantages of Small Class Learning

Student has the undivided attention of the teacher. This means more opportunity to engage in real communication, more feedback and better understanding of the student's needs.

Student often has more control over the aims of the class, the pace and the materials.

Student has more opportunities to use the teacher as a resource – to ask questions, to see demonstrations and to practice skills.

Student can develop a real and productive relationship with the teacher.

Student’s needs can be addressed more fully because there is more flexibility in timing and structure.

There are no need to worry about the problems of large groups – mixed ability, group dynamics, early finishers, late arrivals etc.

Top Most Frequently Asked Questions about our J Nail Studio Courses

1. What types of nail courses do you offer?
A. We offer basic to advance levels of courses from Professional Full Course, Advance customized workshops as well as competition training.

2. Can I take up the course if I have no experience or academic qualifications?
A. Of course, our Basic Course is catered for all with or without any experience to start with. We do not require any qualification for enrollment. As long as you can understand English or Mandarin you are eligible.

3. When can I commence on your courses?
A. You can start your course anytime with us as we do individual training rather than having to wait to start with a big class.

4. I'm working Full time, can I still take up a nail course?
A. Yes, we offer sat and sun class.

5. What if I can't attend a certain lesson?
A. No worries as you can always continue from where you left off on your next lesson as we keep a personal record of all our students. No lesson will be deducted if you missed your class.

6. Can I pay by installment?
A. Yes.

7. What course should I take in order to start a nail business?
A. For beginners, we recommend the Pro Nailcare, Nail design and Gel Program as it covers all skills required such as basic mani/pedi, gel as well as acrylic systems.

8. Do you provide salon business consultations?
A. Yes. As former salon owner and home based provider ourselves, we provide all essential knowledge to start and run your own nail business be it Commercial or Home Based. Our Studio is a Salon School, whereby students can get first hand experience as they are learning through actual equipment and environment. We are able to assist in any queries regarding the setting up of salon as well after graduation if you are keen to start your own salon.

9. Is Student kit provided?
A. Yes, A high quality comprehensive Student Kit is included in all our courses.

10. Do you teach in Mandarin?
A. Yes. We can teach in both English and Mandarin depending on student's preference.

11. What can I expect after attending the courses?
A. Our students have successfully set up their own commercial nail salon, and for some their own home based salon after completing their full course with us without undergoing further courses. There also students who just want to pickup the skills just as a hobby and backup for the future.

12. Are the certificates 'Internationally Recognized'?
A.  There are no official authority to recognize nail certificates and qualifications in the market, unless you are in Australia. If your intention is work as a manicurist for a salon after graduating, the only factor the salon owners are concerned about is your actual hands-on skills. How much 'value' as a manicurist solely depends on the skills quality and services you possess. Don't be mislead into believing that there are any 'International Certificate' or 'Recognized by Government'.

13. Are there any hidden prices?
A. There are no extra charges or GST in our nail courses. Our student kit includes all the necessary materials throughout the course and students do not need to pay any extra money on any extra tools or products. (top up of products in student kit is free)

14. Who will be teaching the nail courses?
A. All classes are taught personally by J NAIL STUDIO owner and certified Educator Jess Puan. We do not engage or hire any substitute teachers.

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