Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fairy Tale Gel Workshop 15 April

Once again we will be conducting another fun and effective one day workshop on 15 April at Johor Bahru!

In this Fairy Tale Cartoon workshop you will learn all the different techniques and skills that we use to create the different characters using gels. Try each technique yourself and get instant feedback on your work! You will learn to create all cartoon characters show in the poster and by the end you will have one fully finished set of characters that you can be proud off...!

Creativity is the cornerstone of all progress and development!

DATE: 15 April (Tuesday)
Time: 11am - 6pm
Price: RM 1099 (Product Kit included)
Venue: MOMO Academy Johor Bahru

For Registration please contact any of the following:
(SG) +65 96908083 (Jess)
(JB) +60 167431369 (Stephy Pang)
(JB) +60 72072602 (Sheila Tan)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

3D Gel Quilt Workshop 27 March

Bring you friends along for our workshops! There's no minimum number of attendees in order to conduct our class, be it 1 or 2, you are sure to receive adequate attention and coaching!

For workshops available, read more on our blog!

3D Advance Nail Art 28 March

Who can resist these cute 3D acrylic cartoon characters? Learn to create them on your own! We offer fully customized short courses in order to address the needs and learning objectives of our students. As well as for salon owners who want to send their nail staff for skills upgrading! Contact us for more details!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Japanese Gel Art Workshop 26 March

With so many students coming in for our daily workshops, we are simply too busy to post our daily live updates! Here are the graduates from yesterday evening's Knitted Gel Workshop, which ended a little pass 10pm, yes we are opened till that late as long as our students are eager to learn! Congrats for the good effort put in!

3D Gel Quilt Workshop

Check out the amazing Capsule and Quilted nails done by our workshop attendees in merely 3 hours of coaching! Learning a new skill is essential and definitely rewarding and we are sure it will help you to improve your nails career!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Foil Art Fantasy Workshop 25 March

Checkout the photos from our Foil Art Fantasy Workshop held at Johor Bahru Yesterday! Transform any plain and ordinary nail design into a 3D elegant 'gold plated' look with the proper guidance from our educators Can you tell which of the designs are done by our students?

(Click on our Facebook Page photo album to view all 34 photos)

3D Gel Quilt & Knitted Workshop 22 March

Our first batch of graduates from our 3D Quilt Workshop, amazing detail from their final work! Check out the graduates for our Knitted Gel Workshop as well on that day! Congrats!

Nail Poster Design by Jess Puan

Poster Nail Design by Educator Jess Puan for the newly launched Odyssey Nail Systems Royal Imperial Acrylic Color Powder Collections.

Education may be our forte, but we never failed to keep ourselves motivated and inspired by new ideas.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Japanese Gel Art Workshop 21 March

The key to our students leaving happy is treating them like a person, and not a number filling in for classes. Our mission is to share our knowledge with all who walks into our studio, and we are proud to say we are doing a good job!

3D Gel Quilt Workshop

We are sure every woman loves designer bags. Inspired by the ever famous diamond quilt design, you can now have them created on your nails! Imagine how well if will go along with the handbags you carry! Forget about the horrible tutorials you see online and join us to learn the real techniques to achieve the most realistic classic quilt designs every seen! Included in the workshop , a special 3D 'capsule' nail design as seen in Japanese nail magazine which you will get to learn too!

Date: Every Wed - Sat
Time: 3Hours
Fee: $180 Including all materials

Registration: contact 96908083

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Open Demo 19 March

There was plenty of buzz during our J&Y Open Demo held yesterday as a crowd of nail enthusiasts witnessed the talents and creativity of our demonstration on various nail techniques. With both Jess and Yoko on hand to display their abilities and share their knowledge with the attendees, all of them learnt and explored many new ways to creating various amazing nail art! An eventful 3 hours as all attendees were given vouchers to be used for all our courses and workshops! Do keep a lookout for our next open demo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Japanese Gel Art 19 March

Another group of talented nailists who mastered the Japanese Knitted Gel Art from our educator Yoko Naito. Read on to see their feedback on our workshop!

Our Knitted Gel Workshop is available at your choice every Wed to Sat, 3 hours @ $180. Gel is provided to use during workshop. SMS 96908083 to register!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Japanese Gel Art Workshop 14 March

Our latest Graduates who attended our Gel Art Workshop :) Well done and hope to see you all again in our future courses!

Open Demo 19 March

Our next Open Demo is here!

Specially catered for those seeking to learn more about Odyssey Nail Systems Education and all the details pertaining to the courses J&Y Nail Studio offers, this will certainly be a beneficial event as we will be sharing how to go about choosing the right nail academy in Singapore, the reasons why ONS Nail Education is so different from other certifications around the world and the endless possibilities for future career advancement with our education system. For those who already possessed their own accreditation, do feel free to drop by for live demonstrations of the latest nail artistry by our educators Jess and Yoko. Be amazed by their ever improving expertise which they will be sharing from their years of nails mastery!

Date: 19 March 2014
Time: 7-9pm
Location: J&Y Nail Studio (Pearl's Hill Terrace)
Fee: FREE!
Special Gift for all participants!

SMS @96908083 your name and contact to register now!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Foil Art Fantasy 25 March

We have a great opportunity for all who want to learn more about Foil Art! Explore an amazing art technique where you can create striking and elegant gold patterns on top of your nail designs! Foil and 21 Color Gels are included!

DATE: 25 March (Tuesday)
Time: 11am - 6pm
Price: RM 1099 (Kit included)
Venue: MOMO Academy Johor Bahru

For Registration please contact any of the following:
(SG) +65 96908083 (Jess)
(JB) +60 167431369 (Stephy Pang)
(JB) +60 72072602 (Sheila Tan)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Japanese Gel Art 7 March

Picking up another skill is a rewarding experience whether your goal is to broaden your knowledge or to add more value to your nail business. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the latest Japanese knitted Gel designs, now is the time!

Friday, March 7, 2014

ST Electronics - Gel Workshop 7 March 2014

We were delighted to be invited by Singapore Technologies Electronics to hold a D.I.Y Gel Workshop for a class of 20 lovely ladies in the recognition of International Women's day on the 8 March! All participants took the chance to learn about proper application and removal of Gel, as well as the latest 'Peacock' design demonstrated by Educator Yoko Naito. We do hope this short workshop will benefit and bring some joy to the participants on this special day!

For more photos of the event please visit our Facebook Page!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Japanese Gel Art Workshop

This is the only chance to learn the latest Japanese Gel Art which is a hit in Japan right now! In just 3 hours, you will master how to create various embossed and knitted gel designs, further enhancing your personal creativity! J&Y Nail studio is the only academy who knows the special technique and is offering this course to all! Register now before its over!

Japan Gel Art (New Designs)
Fee: $180
Date: Every Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat
Duration: 3 Hours
Venue: J&Y Nail studio
(Products provided during class)

To Register, sms/call us @ 96908083

Daily Workshop

Everyday we have students coming in for our popular Gel Art Workshop! All of them were really delighted with their own results at the end of the 3 hours and are looking forward to coming back for more short courses!

Simple steps for registering our workshops,
1. Send us your name, contact and workshop you interested in
2. Proceed with payment through ibanking
3. Choose preferred date for your workshop

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