Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fine Art Pen Success 24 Sept

We have just completed another successful workshop on the fine art pen. How do we know it was a success? Because our attendees told us without us asking! Many the students took time to share with us their thoughts on the quality of the materials and training. We are grateful for their positive feedback and amazed that such a diverse group (near 100) could be served by our teaching.

Our success in teaching has led us to add more workshops in the coming future. We are pleased to announce that we will be conducting the Crystal Ball Workshop on October 23, 2013 and Folk Art Gel on 10 Dec, 2013 (details to be posted soon). We are always looking forward to meeting those who wish to extend their understanding and learn new skills in the nail industry. Register early to avoid disappointment!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Gel Graduate 21 Sept

Another busy Saturday Class, Congratulations to Samantha for achieving her D.I.Y Gel Workshop Certification!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fine Art Pen Video Demo

When it comes to drawing fine lines and consistent patterns, there's no easier way than using the Fine Art Pen. Take a look at our video demo and be amazed at how fast you can draw with the fine piece of tool. Once you’ve mastered the technique, it will seem completely natural and you’ll wonder how anyone could possibly not know how to use something so simple earlier! A definitely must-have item for every nail artist!

If you have not registered for the workshop, simply do so as seats are running out very fast!

Fine Art Workshop
Date: 24th September (Tue)
Time: 10am-1pm or 3pm-6pm
Venue: MOMO Academy (Johor Bahru)
Price: RM500 (including Pen and materials)

For Registration please contact any of the following:
(SG) +65 96908083 (Jess)
(JB) +60 167431369 (Stephy Pang)
(JB) +60 72072602 (Sheila Tan

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crystal Ball, 3D Acrylic and DIY Gel Workshop (8-14 Sept)

J&Y Nail Studio Workshops offer wide range of learning opportunities for everyone interested in advance nail techniques and developing creative talents. We are committed to supporting and encouraging the excellence in all aspect of nail arts.

With series of workshops offered throughout the year even till across the border, feel free to contact us for customized workshops of your choice if you wish to learn with your own groups of friends! Small group environment offers abundance of attention, inspiration and motivation!

Make the most out of the knowledge you learned from school. Keep up the good work and continue to strive! Congratulations to all students who attended our workhops!

Big Thanks to our Indonesian Student who made her trip here to Singapore for our J&Y Nail Courses!

Best wishes for you on your graduation!

Ladies Nite 女人俱乐部 Featuring Jess Puan

If you missed our show last night, catch it here on youtube!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Paper Clay Workshop 22 Sept

Food is one of those difficult topics that a lot of 3d artists avoid due to it’s difficulty. In just 90mins, you will learn how to use several techniques and different medium to create long lasting miniature cupcakes yourself!

If you have always been wondering how high quality realistic food miniatures are being created by hand, you will be opened to a new world once you attend our Paper Clay Workshop. Creating highly realistic miniatures food is only possible with the right tools, techniques, knowledge and guidance from the right instructor! Don't miss it!

Paper Clay Workshop
Date: 22 September (Sun)
Time: 11am-12.30pm
Venue: J&Y Nail Studio
Price: $50 (includes all materials)

For Registration please contact 96908083 (Jess)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fine Art Workshop 24th Sept

Learn to create FINE and UNIFORM lines with our innovative Fine Art Pen!

Put aside a little time and join us in a 3 hours workshop and in no time flat you will be on your way to laying down some neat lines and patterns. This hands-on workshop covers all of the basic skills of using the Fine Art Pen. You will learn proper preparation, material usage, pen maintenance & care as well as various freehand painting techniques.

This workshop will give you all you need for creating the finest designs and letterings! Register Now!

Fine Art Workshop
Date: 24th September (Tue)
Time: 10am-1pm or 3pm-6pm
Venue: MOMO Academy (Johor Bahru)
Price: RM500 (including Pen and materials)

For Registration please contact any of the following:
(SG) +65 96908083 (Jess)
(JB) +60 167431369 (Stephy Pang)
(JB) +60 72072602 (Sheila Tan)

Growth through knowledge

J&Y Nail Studio is passionate about ensuring every student experiences success with their learning with us. We are committed to providing high quality services... and to ensure that our students are offered the very best teaching possible. To achieve this, our committed educators display enthusiasm, dedication and high level teaching skills to deliver personalised training that are responsive to student needs and interests.

J&Y Nail Studio offers a wide variety of full and short nail courses for both beginners to advance levels. We are committed to providing the highest quality nail technical teaching and to making your learning a successful, enjoyable and positive experience.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

In-House Graduates 6 Sept 2013

A very proud moment for our J&Y In House Certification Graduates!

Chasing a dream really does require lots of efforts and passion. Remember that hard work isn't over, as it's just a break as you enter the new battlefields of life! Best of luck and congratulations!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Crystal Ball Workshop 23 October

Due to the overwhelming response that we have received during our last 3D Kawaii workshop held in JB, J&Y Nail Studio is once again proud to bring you our latest Crystal Ball Workshop on 23 October 2013! With Christmas fast approaching, these crystal snow globes are one of the favorite crafts this time of year. Register now and learn to create a wintry scene straight out of your own imagination!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Group Photo

A nice group photo of J&Y Nail Studio ONS Educators Jess Puan and Yoko Naito together with ONS Advance Educators from Malaysia Stephy Pang and Sheila Tan.

3D Kawaii Cartoon Characters Workshop 3 Sept 2013

Our 3D Kawaii Acrylic Workshop in progress with maximum turnout! Together with ONS Advance Educators Sheila Tan and Stephy Pang, students get the knowledge and skills they need to make real progress in this workshop!

It is pleasing to note the great success of our students in our 3D Kawaii Characters workshop. They have shown considerable improvement overall at the end of the day, and we are extremely proud of them!
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