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GNDA Melbourne Competition

Finally i got sometime to blog about my competition in Australia together with yoko.
We have been working on our art work since Aug this year.
So happy that all the hard work paid off!
Being where i am standing now is not easy, and every competition I go through now I still feel the stress and tension inside me. I believe no matter which place you stand, the effort you put into your work still matters most.
This is what I tell myself,
"If i'm not going to take this step, I will forever remain on the same point, I have to make it, regarless of winning any prize. That at least I know I did my best"
I still remember during my first competition I did my best but did not win any place, I went to toilet and cried. From that day on, i pushed myself to work harder for my next competition.
I ask my mentor what I did wrong. She has taught me a lot even till this What I'd learnt I will share with all my students. As an educator and instrustor we are here to share with everyone.
"Skill is not just us, skill is to share with everyone."
I got Grand Champion at Melbourne competition. In order to get a place for this trophy, I have to take part in every catagory. The total marks compiled in each catagory determinds the Grand Champion.
I'm the first Asian to get Grand Champion and at Australia it IS a big deal to achieve that title !

Me and Yoko with trophies. We will try our best to get more!

Jess Puan
3D Nail Art (Theme: Animal Kingdom)
Division: Master
2nd Place

Jess Puan
Fantasy Nail Art (Theme: Wonderland)
Division: Master
1st Place

Jess Puan
Flat Art (Theme: Bug's Life)
Division: Master
3rd Place

Yoko Naito
 3D Nail Art (Theme :Animal Kingdom)
Division: Open
3rd Place

Yoko Naito
Fantasy Nail Art (Theme: Wonderland)
Division: Open
3rd Place

Awards from ONS S.E.A 2012

Jess & Yoko with our special awards from ONS S.E.A
 Best Instructor
 Best Support
 Jess Puan ONS Instructor of the Year

 Jess Awards
Yoko awards
2013 we will work harder. ONS is a big family. ONS worldwide 36 countries!


When you want to compete, compete with the best and with the score sheets visible to everyone,
You will know how many point difference you have with the top winners.

2012 Instructor & Educator Training Australia

Every year we have Instructor & Eductor training. This time was the first time we held it at Melbourne Australia!
It was the chance that instructors and educators show offs and demo their skills to one annother, an eye opening and valuable experience indeed! 
This time was the time we share to each other.
We get to learn from each other.
Language wasn't a barrier at all as most of the times there are helpful translators everywhere :)
A day with our big family.
I miss the days with everyone.
Our BIG O.N.S Family.

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