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Our Achievements and Awards

We at J Nail Studio are acknowledged educators in quality and accredited in professional training of nail technicians in Singapore. We are proud that students have recognised our commitment to fostering quality teaching throughout with them.

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Jess Puan

2013 (Malaysia - JB)

Global Nail Cup Malaysia

Mix Media Nail Art (Division 2) - 2nd Place

Tag Team (OPEN) - 2nd Place

2012  (Australia)

Global Nail Design Sydney

3D Nail Art In Box Master Division - 3rd Prize

Global Nail Design Melbourne

Open French Stiletto - 1st Prize

Master Fantasy Nail Art - 1st Prize

Master 3D Nail Art - 2nd Prize

Open Gel Manicure - 3rd Prize

Master Flat Art - 3rd Prize

Open Design Sculpture - 3rd Prize

Tag Team Award - 3rd Prize

GNDA Grand Champion 2012

2012 (Singapore)

Odyssey Nail System Best Instructor Singapore 2012

2012 (Korea)

Multi Media Nail Art

Division 1 - 1st Prize

2012 (Singapore) 

International Nail Art Competition Nail Asia

3D Folk Art Nail Design - 1st Prize

2010 (Hong Kong)

Professional Nailist Union Competition 

Saloon Success - 3rd Prize

Natural Nail Care - Outstanding Awards

Rhinestones Living Art - Outstanding Awards

2009 (Korea)

Korea Nail Design Festival

Mix Media Nail Art - Outstanding Awards
International Nail Art Competition Nail Asia

French Sculpture Acrylic - 2nd Prize

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