Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ONS Instructors by J&Y Nail Studio

Congratulations to J&Y Nail Students Eileen Wong and Irene Tan on receiving their Odyssey Nail System Ambassador and Instructor Certification! We are proud to announce you both are now qualified Instructors of Odyssey Nail System!

If you have gotten hooked on nails and have complete our ONS professional full course, you may feel that you'd like embark on our instructor career path. Even if you do not plan on teaching, by becoming an ONS instructor will greatly deepen your practice and increase your knowledge on nails enhancement. You will receive an elegant ONS Ambassador Certificate and enjoy VIP privileges on ONS Products and Classes organized by ONS South East. Furthermore, you can print your Ambassador and Instructor status on your business card and be listed on our ONS website as an ONS Ambassador.

The career path of a nail technician doesn't just end on providing nail services to others. In J&Y Nail Studio, we not only train students to just complete their courses with us, we also provide opportunities to those who wish to further their career paths in the nail industry!

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