Monday, November 4, 2013

Global Nail Design Awards Gold Coast Australia 27 Oct 2013

J&Y Nail Studio Educator Yoko together with students (now ONS instructors) Veron Wong and Irene Tan took part in the Global Nail Design Awards Competition held at Gold Coast Australia on the 27 Oct 2013. Everyone of them were thrilled by the overall achievements and trophies hauled from the competition! Well Done to all!

Yoko Naito -
GDNA Grand champion & Master over all winner
Master Fantasy art 1st place
Master 3D art 1st place
Master Flat art 1st place
Master design sculpture 2nd place
Open tag team 2nd place

Veron Wong -
Master Flat art 3rd place
Master 3D art 2nd place
Master Fantasy art 2nd place
Open tag team 2nd place

Irene Tan -
Open poster toe nail 2nd place
Open tag team 2nd place

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